IoT most common default passwords

Internet of things most common default passwords

Username/Password,Manufacturer,Link to supporting evidence
admin/123456,ACTi IP Camera,
root/anko,ANKO Products DVR,
root/pass,"Axis IP Camera, et. al",
root/vizxv,Dahua Camera,
root/888888,Dahua DVR,
root/666666,Dahua DVR,
root/7ujMko0vizxv,Dahua IP Camera,
root/7ujMko0admin,Dahua IP Camera,
666666/666666,Dahua IP Camera,
root/dreambox,Dreambox TV receiver,
root/zlxx,EV ZLX Two-way Speaker?,?
root/juantech,Guangzhou Juan Optical,
root/xc3511,H.264 - Chinese DVR,
root/hi3518,HiSilicon IP Camera,
root/klv123,HiSilicon IP Camera,
root/klv1234,HiSilicon IP Camera,
root/jvbzd,HiSilicon IP Camera,
root/admin,IPX-DDK Network Camera,
root/system,"IQinVision Cameras, et. al",
admin/meinsm,Mobotix Network Camera,
root/54321,"Packet8 VOIP Phone, et. al",
root/00000000,Panasonic Printer,
root/realtek,RealTek Routers,
admin/1111111,Samsung IP Camera,
root/xmhdipc,Shenzhen Anran Security Camera,
admin/smcadmin,SMC Routers,
root/ikwb,Toshiba Network Camera,
ubnt/ubnt,Ubiquiti AirOS Router,
root/,Vivotek IP Camera,
admin/1111,"Xerox printers, et. al",
root/Zte521,ZTE Router,

Docker Commands

stop all containers

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)

remove all containers

docker rm -f $(docker ps -a -q)

remove all images

docker rmi -f $(docker images | awk {'print $3'})

build image with tag in current directory

docker build -t="” .

ssh into container

docker exec -ti <container_name> /bin/bash

remove all of the images, except few

docker rmi -f $(docker images | grep -v 'selenium-chrome\|js\|php' | awk {'print $3'})

login to last container

docker exec -ti $(!!) bash

memory and CPU use

docker stats $(docker ps -q)

tag image

docker tag <image_id> <tag_name>